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Patient Testimonials


I have been a patient at Broadway Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine since July 06. Dr Z and staff have been friendly and knowledgeable. The therapy has helped me soo much with getting motion and function back in my shoulder.

Lavelle Harris
Age 28

Dr Z has treated me since Sept. 06 following a car accident. When I started coming to Broadway Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine I could barely turn my head, after therapies and massages I've been able to turn my neck with no pain.

Alonzo Owens
Age 32

I have been so happy with my therapy at Broadway Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, that I recommend it to anyone I know that's ever had a work injury or been in a car accident!!

Tynesha Zion
Age 43

I always thought that chiropractic care was for older people with aches and pains, till I got in an accident and needed it for myself, it helped so much that after my therapy from my accident was over, I continued to go once a month just cause I loved it so much.

Shana W
Age 20

Dr Zvirblis and the girls over at Broadway have been so helpful to me since I started treating there. No matter how bad I feel when I go in there I always leave there feeling better with a smile on my face. The massages and the adjustments help me feel young again, I wish I had the time to go in for therapy everyday, I wish I would have known about them a long time ago! I just started having my wife go in with me, and she loves it just as much as I do!

Mike Lester
Age 51

Since my work injury in 2004 I have been through 2 surgeries and 4 chiropractors, but since I started going to Broadway for my therapies, I've started to feel like myself again, and I won't go to any other chiropractor again!

Ronnie T
Age 36


I have been a patient at Euclid Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine for over a year. the doctors and staff are great. I've gone to traditional doctors for my back and shoulder injuries, but the hands on natural therapy I receive at Euclid Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine outweighs prescriptions and injections of traditional physicians.

Greg Brown
Age 53

My name is Pat and I am 53 years old and I have been with Euclid Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine since 2003. I am very happy with how the staff treats me. Also, Dr. Moore has helped my back and left shoulder. They give great massages! If I didn't come to the Chiro I would be in pain constantly. Also, it is a drug free facility.

Pat Whiteman

I have been a patient at Euclid Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine for three months. I have received excellent care. The staff is excellent and friendly. Service is prompt, the doctors are excellent. It's like one big happy family and I was lucky to be a part of Euclid Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine's services.

Margo Martin
Age 51

Euclid Chiropractic has helped me out a lot on my knee and my ankle. I would not go anywhere else but here. Dr. Moore and his staff are great!

Scott Tandler
Age 25

Since my back injury in January 2005, I have been coming to Euclid Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. I could barely turn or do much of anything, and now I bowl and softball. The employees go out of their way to make sure that you are enjoying your experience and that your therapy is going well. I actually enjoy going to my therapy. The people are fun, the massages are excellent, and the Doctors are great. I will continue to come see them for occasional relief once my injury heals. It is worth every penny!

Chris Jackson
Age 26

Dr. Wirick has treated me for a short time. I am very pleased with his treatment, and he is professional and very kind. I would recommend him to anyone in need of this kind of treatment. He is also supportive and caring and makes you know that you are in good hands.

Carolyn Bowman

I am very happy with the treatment that I get from Dr Wirick, and would be happy to see him again for treatment.

Calvin Parker

Dr. Wirick is a very good doctor. At first I thought that I was not going to like him because I was so used to Dr. Moore. But the more he worked with me, I was very pleased. He has a good personality and kind heart, and he is also a very good Chiropractor. Thanks for moving my knee right along!

Theresa Campbell


Northwest Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is a warm and lovely place. Once you walk in, they treat you like family.

Age 24

I have been coming to Dr. Arndt's office since 12-01-04. The service is tremendous. His staff is very courteous and friendly. I would recommend anyone who has been hurt in accidents or job related injuries to come to Northwest Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. You will not regret it.

Age 50

I have been treating at Northwest Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine for the past several months. The young and energetic staff make every visit enjoyable and upbeat. Since coming here, my numerous therapies have aided my recovery to allow me to maintain and manage my pain. I would recommend anyone with an injury to acquire therapy at this office.

Chuck McIntire
Age 31

I have been going to the Northwest Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine since July 2004. Dr. Richard Arndt and his staff, Stephanie, Heidy and April are very knowledgeable and professional when treating their patients. I would recommend the center to everyone.

Mickey Madden
Age 56

In care of Dr. Arndt and staff at Northwest Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine: I just wanted to thank all of you for all of your special service and your time for treating me and my medical condition w/ special care. The staff and Dr. Arndt all have different areas in the practice but work well as a team. The atmosphere and surrounding are well kept and uplifting. makes one feel like you are very welcome.

Cheryl Hall and Rory Floyd
Ages 40 & 48

What can I say about Northwest Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Well, I COULD say that they are terribly mean people but that would be a BIG FAT LIE. Dr. Arndt is an excellent Doctor, very professional, yet an attentive and wonderful person. His caring nature is matched only by his fantastic staff. They are truly caring and patient people. They laugh with my sense of humor and are very patient when I have my irritable spells. I feel totally comfortable with them. If a medical group can make me feel comfortable, then rest assured that they are "A List".

Age 51


I have been coming here for the last three years. The staff has always been very friendly. My doctor is wonderful and has helped me in many ways. The massage therapy is great. I look forward to coming here weekly. It is truly my therapy and has done wonders for me and my back. Thanks to the doctors for having me as a patent. Frederick Johnson-- I have been seeing Dr. Z for awhile. Once I have seen him I feel much better. I have more motion in my neck and shoulder after his treatment.

Phyllis McKnight

I had often walked past and turned my head because I was healthy. I did not need any medical care and I had no mind to seek out any. I love going to work and being healthy. On March 28th, I was in a car accident and had pain in my neck, back, chest, legs and feet. I had a headache all day every day. I was angry when I had to talk because of the pain. I went to my family doctor and she put me in Physical Therapy. I was in so much pain that morning with the doctor I cried and called my doctor and told her I was not going back. My daughter was hit in school. I got a call that she could not return unless she saw a doctor. I called our family doctor and she said she could not see her and that she needed to go to the Emergency Room. I had no car at the time. I looked at the free certificates that came to my house the day before, and called and asked if I could come in and bring my daughter. I watched the doctor working with my child in pain. My child responded right away and I felt so much better. I was next. The doctor said that I needed this kind of therapy. Today it is May 12th and I have not had one headache. I can write with my left hand now pain free. The pain is not controlling my life. I am happy again working toward the life that I had before the accident. Get up, do not let pain and injury ruin your life. Get some advice because the smallest things can and will become the greatest when unattended. Do not assume that you are fine, and get some professional advice please. I did.

Toni Etchison

My name is James Smith and I am writing you in reference to my therapy treatments at Southeast Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. I have been a patient there since March 2004. I was injured on my job which resulted in the following injuries: sprained right ankle, left shoulder contusions, and tendonitis. At the beginning of my treatments, there was a lot of pain and discomfort. As Dr. Zvirblis worked with my injuries, I began to notice less pain and more mobility. Although I have not yet completed my therapies as of yet, I am very confident that my recovery will be successful.

James Smith

Southeast Orthopaedics has been very beneficial to my recovery, The professionalism and caring attitude that is displayed by the doctors has been one of the reasons why I continue to let them provide quality service for my physical ailments. When you enter the Southeast Orthopaedics office you begin to have a sense of being important by the positive and friendly attitude that is exhibited by the staff. I was given the opportunity to go elsewhere but I chose to stay at Southeast Orthopaedics due to the reasons that I mention above. In addition to the excellent service, I would like to commend the office with providing the patients with a Massage Therapist on a daily basis. This service has also impacted my recovery tremendously. I wish to thank all the Staff and Doctors for my continued recovery and their services.

Bruce Richardson

I have been coming to Southeast Orthopaedics for about 3 months now, and in those three months I really feel that they are helping me rehabilitate my lower back and right thumb from injury. I can say with the Massage Therapy and the traction bed really helps me out before a hard day of work. I enjoy coming in, they have the most pleasant staff I have ever encountered.

Keith Harris

A friend of mine who had been receiving chiropractic care referred me to Dr. Wirick. I had not been in any car accidents, or had any other types of injuries, but my friend said if I gave it a try I would definitely feel healthier, have less aches and pains and hardly ever get headaches. Well, after visiting Dr. Wirick and receiving chiropractic care just three times, I started feeling great- having more energy, more motivation, and just feeling completely healthy. I learned that chiropractic care helps everyone, even those who were not injured, like myself.

Tina M.

Prolotheraphy, Ohio
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